Evangelizing The World Ministry
Winning the world to Jesus Christ by the word of God

Evangelizing The World Ministry

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Become the Good News 

Evangelizing The World Ministry invites everyone to preach, spread, and live out the Good News of our salvation. You can start today by volunteering or by donating to our ministry.

Our Core Values: 

  1. To study, teach, and practice the Word of God. 
  2. To know that the work of God should NEVER be used as a means of self-gain to acquire worth. 
  3. To understand that God is always present, no matter the situation. 
  4. To know that giving to God is not in any way limited to money, but our services, our talents, and ourselves (Romans 12:1). 
  5. To know that our lives should be molded into the Word of God.
  6. To know and understand that everyone is as important as anyone and no one should be treated in higher esteem than others no matter the status.

To request our services, follow the link below. We look forward to hearing from you!