Evangelizing The World Ministry
Winning the world to Jesus Christ by the word of God

Evangelizing The World Ministry

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About the Ministry 

Evangelizing The World Ministry was founded in 2010 by The Evangelist Robert Paye, after receiving the calling of God to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.

He first started by recording his teachings and posting them on YouTube and Facebook. 

However, the work was slowed down due to his engagement with the Shepherd’s House Ministries where he was fully involved with many aspects of the ministry. In April of 2014, he was Blessed by the Rev. John F. Kennedy and the Church leadership and sent to persuade his calling. He is now working closely with the Shepherd's House Ministries and the Rev. John F. Kennedy in expanding the work of God.

By the end of 2016, the Lord instructed him to continue the work he had been called to do and that is to evangelize the world. We are a collection of Believers from different Churches that have both the calling and passion for taking Jesus to the World. You are invited to join us preach Jesus: Pastors, Bishops, Evangelists, Worshipers, Teachers, Prayer-warriors, Church, Christians.